Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd provide a full complement of computer services targeted toward corporate and business owners.

Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd dedicating its services in Desktop Support and Network Support and was established in early 2000. It delivers business IT solutions & support to SME, MNC companies and educational institutions.

We provide software development services, system, network, client- server, and multi-vendors product support & repair. Setting-up PC systems is a big investment. Getting the right configuration followed by proper maintenance is essential as to extend the life and optimize the performance of your computer.

We can assist you in building your I.T. needs such as PC installation , Networking , Hardware Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance .

Backed by a pool of dedicated personnels, we have the experience and expertise in meeting your specific needs. Whether you are an MNC, medium or small company, we are here to assist you. This market section has a particular set of needs which Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd are uniquely qualified to satisfy.

We provide:
  • Hardware Setup, Support & Troubleshooting
  • PC Maintenance Contract
  • Website & Email Hosting Solutions
  • Broadband Internet and Email setup and assistance
  • Networking Solutions
  • Office IT Setup Consultation
  • Software Setup, Support & Troubleshooting
  • Independent Advice
  • Training
  • and much, much more ...
Why is the service needed?
Business owners can't afford the hassle and loss of productivity associated with bringing a computer to a repair centre – that's why hundreds of business owners and small office users turn to Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd every day to handle their computer service needs.

But Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd does more - our goal is to work with our customers to offer recommendations and design solutions that improve their business. After all we don't succeed unless our customers succeed.

What is unique about Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd?
The Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd approach is very different from most other computer service providers.

We provide a high level of friendly, personalized service. We are located close to our customers - which means that we can respond quickly and cost effectively help to meet their needs.

Our integrated network means that our customers aren't dependent on just one person. Our team of technical experts with a wide range of skills and abilities backs up each operator so we can handle practically any situation.

Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd operate with low operating costs which means that our services are less expensive than many other service providers.

Cyberwave IT Solutions Pte Ltd prides itself on being one of the few international companies (perhaps the only international company) that focuses on Computer Service, Support and Training rather than the supply of hardware and/or software.

We are totally independent of any hardware or software supplier and this allows us to work with and for the customer. We provide solutions and give advice that focus on the customers' real needs.
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