Pacific Internet is your best choice of 512 kbps broadband access
Corporate Broadband Access
Looking For Broadband Connection For Your Business?
Getting Internet connection of up to 25 times faster than a 56Kbps dial-up modem is something multinational corporations, medium enterprises or small offices can all benefit from our quick and swift broadband setup. Powered by Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, it gives you an 'always on' connection at a speed of up to 1.5Mbps.

With our broadband access packages, you can composedly experience high-speed, reliable and efficient connection when using Internet applications (eg. Email, Web access, Internet telephony and E-commerce).
Network Broadband Plus Access
A cost-effective yet performance-driven Internet broadband solution. Provides multiple users (LAN) 24-hour unlimited Internet access, with fast speed ranging from 512Kbps up to 1.5Mbps. With up to 16 static IP addresses assigned, you'll be able to run Internet-based applications such as your own Email and Web server.

This solution is best suited for companies with multiple users who require static IP addresses to run their own servers for various applications.
Small Office Connectivity (SOC) Broadband Access
Looking For Multi-User Broadband Connection?

A high-speed and yet cost-effective broadband Internet solution with a dynamic IP address that is ideal for small offices. Provides multiple users (recommended up to 25 users) with fast Internet access, with speed up to 1.5Mbps. This broadband service is most suited for companies who use the Internet for Emailing and Web browsing. With your usage and budget in mind, enjoy flexibility in the choice of either Time-based, Volume-based or Unlimited plans.

Business Broadband Access
Looking For Single-User Broadband Connection?

An entry-level broadband Internet account ideal for a single user who needs fast Internet access with speed up to 1.5Mbps, and an email account. Sit back and benefit from the convenience of being able to talk on the phone or send a fax, while surfing the Internet simultaneously. With the same user-ID, you can also alternate between broadband access while in the office, or 56Kbps dial-up access when you're out of the office. Choose from our Time-based, Volume-based or Unlimited plans to meet your Internet usage needs.

Business Broadband Executive Suite
Looking For Single-User Broadband Connection That's Accessible From Both Your Office And Home?
An ideal broadband suite for a mobile user who works from both office and home. Using the same user-ID to log in your broadband account, you can now have unlimited Internet access at a speed up to 512Kbps, whether you're working in the office or from home.
Pacific Internet offers the consumer a range of access services that goes beyond a dependable connection. Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors the network 24x7 to ensure all access is operating at optimum level. Friendly customer support in all the seven countries is standing by our hotlines to help consumers with any connection difficulties or questions.

From dial-up to broadband and wireless Internet connection we always strive to offer you innovative products. At Pacific Internet, we take pride in offering consumers the latest technology at affordable prices.

On top of Internet access, we also offer unparalleled convenience through our value-added services such as global roaming, webmail access service and Internet backup service etc. All value-added services are aimed to compliment consumer's communication needs.
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